Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Industrial Clothing Rack

How stunning are these industrial pipe and reclaimed wood clothing rack !
It would be amazing to have a workshop and makes these myself. Finding that perfect piece of wood for the base, welding the old hot water pipes to form a rack and positioning your work inside your own home.

Does anyone in Sydney sell these at 'affordable' prices ?  


  1. 20mm galvanised plumbing pipe available at Bunnings/Masters etc, 2 x 20mm 45 degree connectors, 2 x 20mm flanges, 8 screws and old piece of timber from salvage yard, then 4 castors available any hardware store. all screw together, all you need is power drill.

    1. I think finding a good piece of timber will be the challenge .... big thanks for the tip ! Handy man cap out !

  2. Finding good timber is definately not a challenge. Timbers with Veins P/L in Sydney custom mill to order and have gorgeous old recycled timbers! Check them out www.timberveins.com